Who are we ?

Our story

The summer of 2015 brought up casual debates and discussions amongst us, the co-founders of Nathi Nonsense, and these chit-chat sessions led to the beginning of Nathi Nonsense. We have always liked stating our opinions but, being just 16 year old then, our voices were confined to the school classrooms for a good impression and decent marks and those opinions meant nothing more. Even though we were still ‘kids’ and inexperienced, our beliefs and intentions were surely much higher than what the society thought. We believed that whatever we did, whatever we said was not nonsensical or; as ‘Nathi’ means ‘Not’ in Gujarati, it was surely NATHI-NONSENSE. This is when the journey of Nathi Nonsense started and we started by expressing ourselves while people listened to us; new dreams and identities were built slowly and steadily and we grew as individuals. Meghna, one of the founding members of Nathi Nonsense, is not a part of this venture anymore but her contribution is still valuable.

Nathi Nonsense is not just a blog. As a blog we talk about varied things like our experiences, the lessons we learn, art and different beautiful cultures, stories, our opinions on our ‘civilization’; but, apart from our online blog, we believe that Nathi Nonsense can be anything and everything. We often experience a lack of definition when it comes to Nathi Nonsense but it being boundless merely indicated that we absolutely dislike barriers that surround us. We organize events ranging from open mics, which we call Mukammal, to debates on social issues (click here to know more about them). We believe in exploring everything and providing others with an opportunity to explore too. We have also had a radio show which talked about issues pertaining to the youth and giving them an opportunity to express themselves at Ahmedabad’s first community radio station, Radio Nazariya 107.8.

The two of us share the same name and a desire to make a difference in the society. We bring to you our experiences and our vivid perspectives using Nathi Nonsense as our medium.


Manasvi Shah

She is the obedient one here. Thinking, analysing and taking a step after that, is her way of doing things. Believer of the ‘good’ side of the world, she has a knack of lecturing and being the ‘Osho’ among the two. She is a dancer who dances from the heart, an amateur painter who paints for her happiness and a wild heart which is hungry for travelling. Currently pursuing her bachelor’s in Arts from St Xaviers Ahmedabad and doing her majors in Psychology.

Manasvi Nag

Often described as ‘Weird’, she can easily be found near unusual things and dogs. As an atheist, she often questions the ‘normal’ things around her and is usually awkward around people. Oversized clothes and a novel hairstyle define her and Coffee is her Adam’s ale. She calls The Moon her soul and loves being in and around the nature. Often referred to as Nag, she is immensely passionate about riding bikes, feeding on people’s stories and exploring new places. Presently, she is pursuing a Triple Majors BA degree in Media Studies, Political Science and Economics from Christ University, Bangalore and trying to figure out herself.
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