Stigma attached to second hand books

People love to own new books over a second hand one. The stigma we’ve attached with the second hand books are mostly that they’re either torn, the pages are yellow or there are scribbles all over. But Reading Spree tends to contradict those. The mentality that’s running since years is because of few people who don’t take a good care of the books.

The main purpose of Reading Spree is to give out books to people which are affordable, although not all books which are affordable have to be in a good condition, the stigma of second hand books end here. People tend to buy books from renowned stores and libraries because of the mentality built long ago that second hand books are sold in a very poor condition and instead buy books which are costlier.

Reading Spree offers good quality books; if the book doesn’t seem to be in a condition to be sold, they are not taken and also see to it that those kinds of books are not further into circulation. The bargain with the book lenders is in short beneficial for buyers.



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