Spend less, Read more.

‘I was bored. That’s the feeling it all started with.
My college days were on and I was whiling away my vacation time when I went to this huge book store. A human kid of about 12 had his pockets flooding with notes of twenties and fifties and his arms full of marvellous novels. Bored, I followed him to every alley of the book store as he picked up the books he liked and then it happened.

The boy went to the counter where an old man was drooping over the desk. The boy laid the books on the counter and gave away all his pocket’s money. And the old man gave him a blank stare.

The money was less. The old counter guy must’ve been familiar with breaking kids’ hearts with the highly charged books he was supposed to sell.

That is the exact moment when my bulb got lit up and I screamed inside. I ran to my best friend and told her that we HAD to do something for the kids who couldn’t spend their pocket-money on the books they wanted and for those who were willing to give away all the extra books they had. And that led to the beginning of Reading Spree…’

This is Nathi-nonsense’s very first collaboration with Reading Spree. And you are obligated to ask, what is Reading Spree?
So, Reading Spree is something different. These guys get second hand books at a very low price and sell these ensuring that the condition of these books are good. And making your life easier, they will be at your doorstep for both taking and giving the books.
For people looking forward to buying books, this is worth a try! Reading Spree not only ensures good prices and delivery in every part of the nation but it also provides you with the best price you will ever get! It helps you get your favourites along with saving your energy, time and money!
The main purpose behind Reading Spree is to help people read more at minimal rates so that everybody can afford it. It’s a tiny step towards a huge change.

Check out www.readingspree.in right now!


  1. What a generous venture! Congratulations and all the very best!

    • THANK YOU 🙂

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