Mukammal : An event.

Nathi Nonsense, in collaboration with musafir, is coming up with its very first event called

मुकम्मल: अगर कर पाओ गहराई अपने जज़्बातों की|

We all have experienced what a poetry slam looks like. But we, believe that the true feelings of that piece of art cannot be experienced merely by reading them. We know Rabindranath Tagore and Gulzar as great poets but most of us have still not read Ghalib, Ahmed Faraaz or Kabir from where literature’s importance grew.
All of us cannot express themselves through words. Here, we want to provide an environment where you can understand your emotions better through the writings of other people.
Here, we want you to connect to your own selves through the medium of literature and communication.

Join us and do bring along any of your writings or any other books that you want to share with us so that we can read and experience your world together!

PS : जब दुनिया इतनी बड़ी हैं, तोह ‘ई’ क्यों नहीं ?






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