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Diverse, is it ?

Very recently, I was going through my social media and I come across this one post which had the following words in bold:

‘The farther you are from Delhi, the less important you are.’

This post was a sarcastically portrayed rage against our government’s not very serious actions for the natural calamity occurring in the state of Kerala. Apparently, as per the state government, Kerala has incurred the loss of around rs.8000 crores and had demand for a relief fund of rs.1200 crores but the center only provided with rs.100 crores as of now. The rage is justified.

It hits me a bit too hard. I live in the city of Bengaluru, also known as the Silicon Valley of India. Bengaluru is the home to languages like Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, English and many more. 89% of the population in this city is literate. I come across people from every corner of this country, everyday. Is it really possible for someone to feel the way this user did? What hurts more is that I belong to the northern part of the country and this statement is not very wrong in its sense.

When we take a look at it this country’s diversity has been more of a problem than an advantage. No doubt, it has been proved to be a great motivation for unity but it has, at the same time, also been a root problem. There has always been conscious and unconscious discrimination.

But it gets worse when the discrimination comes from the least expected source, the government. The whole point of this body is to keep the nation together and discrimination would be the most hypocritical thing for it to do. I don’t intend to suggest that our government is bias in all senses but it hurts when someone who has hope and needs support is forced by his/her situation to put out statements like the one above. And it would not take a lot of time to prove his/her statement very true. We don’t realise but we witness it everyday. On TV screens, on the streets, inside educational institutes, etc. We just don’t notice it very regularly because somehow it has blended into the ordinary. Taking a micro look, we can witness hundreds of examples everyday. Naturally, approaching someone in Hindi, assuming everyone understands Hindi is the most common example that I witness everyday here in Bangalore. People get pissed, annoyed and easily offended which is justified and very fair. It makes communication hard and hence, the understanding and from thereon it can only get worse. Another horrible example would be making fun of someone’s accent. Well that is just the stupidest thing you can ever do. And this screenshot from Tumblr is enough to prove my point.


This country was united for a reason. We all have something in common, which is, the patriotism. Maybe the languages are a barrier, maybe we all don’t look alike but we do sing the same anthem.

“An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again, but one which crumbles from within? That’s dead… forever.”

-Baron Zemo (Captain America: Civil War)

Apoorv Mathur

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