Inspiration and Experiences

Achlys’ Touch

my mother armed with loneliness walks around like a suicide bomber
holds me tight at night
like memories of her childhood
almost crushing me to death
with her
my roommate sleeps with her dead grandfather’s shawl next to her
she thinks it still smells like him
i wonder if she wonders what he smells like now
my friend holds my hand
like a child in a fair
she says she’d forgotten what foreign skin felt like
the last time she touched skin that wasn’t hers was of her happiness
happiness doesn’t pick calls anymore
my lover calls me
and asks
“Do you remember what i felt like?”
i want to tell the lover that i don’t
i don’t remember what it felt like to have your arms around me
like a cocoon. safe.
i don’t remember what your shirt smelt like
i don’t remember the feeling of having your hands in mine
and i don’t remember the last time i wasn’t fine

-Written By: Anandha Lekshmi Nair

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