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Takhayyul 2.0

Once upon a time at The Horse Shoe brewery in London, one of the fermentation tank snapped, causing a massive flood of beer and this was the only time the [ … ]

Contitutionally Yours

Nathi Nonsense in collaboration with स से संविधान brings to you a discussion about freedom of expression that won’t be as boring as your political science lectures. We have planned [ … ]

Understanding Art Activism

Nathi Nonsense will be hosting an interactive session at the Ahmedabad Design Fest with a focus on understanding the relation of art and the society as it is . Our [ … ]

Darmiyaan 2.0

Nathi Nonsense, in collaboration with Musafir and Tvak Designer Studio, is coming up with the Second edition of DARMIYAAN, which translates to ‘in between’. Darmiyaan will encourage you to acquire [ … ]


Yeh hei democracy

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